About me

At the age of eleven I tricked my parents into buying me Bohemia Interactive’s Operation Flashpoint.

I made my mum walk in front of me at the check-out, so the cashier wouldn’t see me first and tell her that the game is, in fact, rated 16+. Of course she saw me.  Of course she told my mum and got me into some trouble. But after some convincing was done on my part (consisting of playing one whole mission of the game while my dad was watching me to make sure the game wasn’t too “violent” but rather “realistic”), I was allowed to play OFP to my hearts extend. Later, I would even ask my dad for his voice acting when scripting and uploading missions inside the editor. It’s fair to say that from that point on I became somewhat obsessed with video game creation. 

Scripting intro sequences and even full missions inside Operation Flashpoint was just the beginning. After a while I was creating skins for Kyle Katarn & friends in Jedi Academy 2. Later I would join mod developing teams for games like Empire: Total War. It became clear to me: This was what I wanted to do from now on.

I discovered my love for 3D Art when I started studying Interactive Entertainment (BA) at the SAE Institute in Berlin. After completing my studies and getting my Bachelors Degree, I landed an Internship at CD Projekt Red in Warsaw. There, the people I met and the talent I saw left me deeply impressed and motivated. I quickly decided to specialize in Environment Art. Since then, I’m trying to improve my skills and become the best artist I can be.