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Rough Wood Material

Rough Wood Material


I’ve been working on this for a while now and decided to render it out for the folio today. I was trying to recreated a really rough wood surface that I could tile and use for all the bigger, rougher objects in the scene. I also use this as a base graph for different versions of wood, with less or more knots / cracks.

I’ll add some more pictures of the graph and maybe some key nodes I used once I cleaned it up. I’m also planning on doing a whole breakdown of this substance, but that’s gonna take me a while.

WoodsShed WIP – Quick Test Rendering

I did some more work on the wooden shed for my environment today. These are just some quick renderings I made in marmoset. Obviously, there is still a lot to do, but this will help me to see where the whole thing is heading.





  • wood endings texture
  • color adjustments so both textures fit together better
  • baking errors in AO and Normal around the edges of the bigger beams
  • normal of the upper planks might be a bit too noisy
  • supports for the connections to the roof
  • smoothing group fixes


Before I do all of that, though, I will bring the whole thing into UE4 and set up the materials there. It’s always more important how it looks in the target engine than in any other program.

Mobile page display

I put some more work into the correct display of the page on mobile devices today. It’s still far from perfect but it should be a big step up from what we had before. Especially the galleries will need some work in the future, as I can’t re-size the text in there atm. It’s controlled by a separate plugin and I’ll have to mess with their css files.

As always, let me know if something is looking particularly awful on your device at admin@jpeters-art.com


Hey Guys, nice to see you here!

This page has been in the making for a while now and I’m glad to finally be able to call it “V1.0” and open it to the public.

What you’re seeing here is my official Portfolio home page displaying both my professional and personal projects. There is also a blog on here which I will keep updated. I’ll post regular WIPs and breakdowns (at some point possibly even tutorials) on current projects.

This was the first time I built a whole WordPress theme from the ground up and I’m quite happy with the result. Anyhow, if you find anything that needs improvement – like stuff not working for your browser of choice, slow loading times, missing pictures/symbols etc. (heck even spelling mistakes) – feel free to send me a heads up and I will look into it ASAP: admin@jpeters-art.com


– Juls