More work on the brick texture

I finished 10 varations of cinder block bricks. Honestly, I probably could have done with 6. But it’s never bad to have more variation. I started placing them on a plane with a basic grid texture in zBrush’s 2.5D canvas, offsetting them with the tilde key while I go. Tomorrow I’m going to create the […]

Texturing the bricks

So I decided to texture the individual bricks inside zBrush. That way, I will be able to export a finished tiled texture in the end and also have the finished and polypainted brick meshes in case I want to do something entirely different with them. I started by jumping into Substance Designer and creating a […]

First few bricks done.

I finished the sculpt for the first couple of bricks. I tried a different technique for each one, finding the best way to replicate what I’ve photographed yesterday. I’ll finish a total of about 10 bricks before I start on the actual texture. I’ll also have to decide whether I want to polypaint each brick […]