Emergency 5

Created for

Emergency 5 RTS/Simulation Game

Created in

May 2014 – Feb 2015


  • Level Design (mainly Cologne map)
  • Creating all vehicle blue lights
  • Creating all fires and visual destruction of all buildings (particles excluded)
  • Responsible for optimizing and reassessing of a large variety of 3D assets, often built by freelancers
  • Creation of complex prefabs and development of new workflows withing the in-house game editor
  • Creation of marketing screenshots
  • Filmed and voiced a variety of tutorial videos for the game editor
  • Proactively set up and managed several excel lists that helped myself and the other devs with organization and consistency throughout the art department

Software used

  • 3Ds Max
  • Unity 3D
  • Photoshop


I worked on the Real Time Strategy Game Emergency 5 during my time as a Level Artist at Sixteen Tons Entertainment.

I was mainly responsible for creating the visual presentation of all burning objects in the game, as well as the visual presentation of all vehicle blue lights. I was doing this within our very own Game Editor, which is based on the OGRE Engine.

I also spend a lot of time optimizing and reassessing 3D Assets provided by external contractors. Those asset were often built in a unfavorably manner and had to be overhauled for the restrictions within a game engine.

I was also partly responsible for creating marketing and press screenshots directly out of the game engine, working closely with other artists in our team.

Promotional screenshot of the Berlin map.
Early promotional screenshot of the game.
Promotional screenshot showing off the shader effects of our engine.
I was partly responsible for this one, doing the initial placement and polishing it afterwards together with my lead artist.
A night screenshot. I did an early iteration of this and it was later polished to this finished version.
Another promotional shot showing one of the main events in the campaign of the game.
Promotional screen showing off the police helicopter.
An area I created in the cologne map.